“The strange feeling that somehow
none of these has ever happened before.”
-George Carlin

I create art,
and I collaborate with collisions.

Someday I feel the impending doom of artists. There’s nothing new left to create. I crumble down in the face of déjà vu, a death sentence to a creator. “Your creation has created nothing new.”
But the eureka was to be found within déjà vu.
Artists don’t create anything new. Actually — nothing new has ever been created since the Big Bang. Everything we call “new” was a collision. A collision between trite objects we pass by every. single. identical. day. This is vujà dé — the chronic illness of human cognition that tricked us to innovation and art (aka creativity).

It’s a fact — there’s nothing new to create — but that won’t stop us from trying anyway. And I’m willing to devote my life to collide with that endeavor.